In 1976 Ernst Degenhart GmbH introduced the first front hitch in combination with a front PTO for John Deere tractors and the period of front hitches on standard tractors was born. Today the company Degenhart is a business enterprise and specialist for front systems and Dynamometers.   Degenhart distributes front hitches and front PTO’s for all well-known tractor manufactures as well as the latest generation of Froment Sigma Dynamometers. We offer our customers future oriented technology which satisfies the highest requirements.

Our front hitches are tailor made to the characteristics of the tractors. Ideal integration, maximum fit and perfect quality are fundamental components of the front hitch series. The solid and compact front hitch allows you to work up to the power limit of the tractor. Operation of the tractor is not compromised and works in combination with the Degenhart front hitch. The stable lower arms can be easily folded into three positions. The Degenhart front hitch is powerful and reliable. A strong piece of technology for your work in the field.

The front PTO’s handle with highest load capacity with maximum reliability. The silent multiple disc clutch in its own oil bath has integrated soft start modulation. The gearbox and clutch form an enclosed unit. Therefore the front PTO works independently from the tractors hydraulic system. The divided drive shaft ensures minimum down time of the machine during the changing of the belt and maintenance. The Degenhart front PTO, highest quality and modern technology for a fair price.

All front hitches and front PTO’s from Degenhart are easily retrofitted without any problems, it is a simple and time saving installation.